Alexander F. Gazmararian


Alexander F. Gazmararian is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Politics at Princeton University, where he is also a Prize Fellow in the Social Sciences. He studies political economy, focusing on how people respond to economic disruption, with a substantive emphasis on climate change.

His first book is Uncertain Futures: How to Unlock the Climate Impasse (Cambridge University Press, the Politics of Climate Change Series) with Dustin Tingley. This book asks, why is the world not moving fast enough to solve the climate crisis? Politics stand in the way, but experts hope that green investments, compensation, and retraining could unlock the impasse. However, these measures often lack credibility. Not only do communities fear these policies could be reversed, but they have seen promises broken before. Uncertain Futures proposes solutions to make more credible promises that build support for the energy transition. It examines the perspectives of workers, communities, and companies, arguing that the climate impasse is best understood by viewing the problem from the ground up.

Curriculum Vitae 

Recent Papers

Gazmararian, Alexander F., and Lewis Krashinsky. “Driving Labor Apart: Climate Policy Backlash in the American Auto Corridor.” (2023): n. pag.
Gazmararian, Alexander F., Matto Mildenberger, and Dustin Tingley. Public Opinion Foundations of the Clean Energy Transition. 2023.