Alexander F. Gazmararian


Alexander F. Gazmararian is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Politics at Princeton University. He currently is a Prize Fellow in the Social Sciences. Next year he will hold the Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Fellowship.

He studies the behavioral and institutional foundations of political economy, with a substantive emphasis on global climate politics and methodological interests in causal inference and surveys. 

His solo-authored research on these topics has been published in The Journal of Politics (conditionally accepted) and Energy Policy. All publications, working papers, and replication materials are available here.

He published his first award-winning book, Uncertain Futures: How to Unlock the Climate Impasse (The Politics of Climate Change Series, Cambridge University Press), in 2023 with Dustin Tingley.

He is currently writing a book, Climate Fault Lines: The Political Economy of a Warming World (under contract with Princeton University Press), with Helen V. Milner.

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